Information for candidates

Candidates are able to consider the best jobs in most of the major international food markets.

As a candidate with international ambitions, you will find the biggest array of jobs in the broadest range of markets. You can make use of our large pool of employers who are positioned all over the world.

Talking to your local country Recruitment Consultant will open the gateway for your international career. All IFRA partners share their international vacancies and can recommend candidates to each other and their specific clients.

The expertise of the partners in matching Candidate profiles and the specific employer needs, makes it easier for you to make the right choice for your new job. We offer you support and guidance because we believe it is in everybody’s best interest to make the match a long lasting one.

If you are interested in finding an international job or you want to find a job in one of the partners home countries, you can contact them by visiting their own homepages.